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the first aim of this quantity is to boost the conceptual unification of primatology and the opposite evolutionary sciences, via addressing the evolution of behavioral flexibility within the Primate Order. one of many first classes discovered in introductory facts is that occasions on the planet fluctuate. even though, a few species convey a better variety of phenotypic plasticity, together with behavioral flexibility, than others. Primates are between these taxa complicated to exhibit an unusual measure of behavioral variety. This quantity explores the behavioral ecology and evolution of behavioral flexibility in primates with regards to the optimization of survival, (inclusive) reproductive luck, and phenotypic impression. Behavioral Flexibility in Primates: explanations and outcomes proposes that genetic conflicts of curiosity are ubiquitous in primates who may well hire strength, coercion, persuasion, patience, scrambles, cooperation, exploitation, manipulation, social parasitism, dispersal or spite to solve or deal with them. the place one person or workforce imposes critical expenditures to inclusive health or to the phenotype upon another person, the latter might undertake a counterstrategy in an try and reduce its personal expenditures. Counterstrategies may well, in flip, impose expenses upon the unique actor(s), and so forth, probably yielding an evolutionary 'chase' ('interlocus contest evolution'). The evolution of phenotypic plasticity in primates could usually pertain to makes an attempt to mitigate genetic conflicts of curiosity, and vintage paintings in behavioral ecology results in the realization that for adult females ('energy-maximizers'), clash will pertain basically to festival for meals (that might be switched over to offspring) whereas, for men ('time-minimizers'), clash will pertain basically to pageant for pals. those comparable and novel views are constructed during this new volume.

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